Chimney Sweep

Light your fire with confidence after a complete chimney inspection by the experts at Centerville Pipestone Chimney Services LLC.

Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep | Centerville Pipestone Chimney Services LLC - Dayton, OH

Centerville Pipestone Chimney Services LLC has made a name for itself in the Dayton, OH area as the region’s most reliable, detailed and cost effective chimney sweep service.

Our experienced chimney technicians are expert at thoroughly cleaning chimneys in any condition of creosote and debris buildup to ensure the safety of your home and family the next time you want to build a fire. They may not sing and dance while they work, but you will think you're “as lucky can be” that you called them for a complete chimney cleanup if they find a nest of birds that have used it as a temporary home.

A chimney sweep may be a fanciful figure in literature and musicals, but they always have performed a valuable service. Over a period of use, chimneys can accumulate a dangerous coating of creosote and debris that can catch fire and cause major damage to your home.

Our chimney sweep service is available for individual cleaning appointments. We also can schedule you for an annual maintenance visit that will give you the peace of mind you may want when building a fire in your home.

When you call on us, our technicians will arrive as per the appointment you set. They will cover and protect your furnishings and carpet before they take the first brush to your chimney. If they find other problems, they will advise you so you can decide how you want to proceed with any repairs. We will never do any work until you approve it.

Before the cold weather sets in and you are tempted to light a fire for that cozy warmth, make sure you are safe and call on the chimney sweep service Dayton relies on at Centerville Pipestone Chimney Services LLC.

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